A platform approach enables a low cost of entry

The SceneSkope platform is designed to scale and support multiple brands, allowing each brand a low cost of entry to deliver perosnalised experiences to your consumers.  The platform has the ability to understand a consumers digital body language and creates a digital conversation that is situationally relevant for that consumer at that precise moment in time, allowing a brand to maintain a rich ongoing dialog that can educate, inform and entertain the consumer.

Digitise Behaviour

We collect tens of thousands of digital behavioral events each second and combine these together to build up a pattern of rituals, habits, gestures and preferences for each consumer. Every new event is captured and is used to provide live updates and real-time reaction to changes in the consumer situation. This means we can always be confident that we’re effectively capturing the consumer mood and reaction to content.

Understand Content

We understand the vast quantities of rich content that a brand has, mining it and indexing it beyond static meta-tags. We constantly evolve our understanding based on situational reactions and responses, allowing us to always provide the right, most relevant content to the right person at the right time.

Advanced Matching

We apply our own unique predictive algorithms to match what we see in consumer behaviours together with what we understand from the brands content. Building up a real-time conversation that reacts as a consumer enages in content, and adapts as a consumer situation changes. Just as we do in a normal conversation. We do this all in real-time meaning that we can respond in the consumer moment, ensuring relevancy.

Data Analytics

Our analytics convert the vast quantities of collected data into meaningful insights that put power into the hands of the brand. The analytics provide new learnings about your customers, their reactions, their preferences and their habits. Informing your understanding of how your products are used, where there are challenges and struggles, what customers find trivial and simplistic. All providing meaningful information to make the right business decisions.