Ian Marsden

Chief Executive Officer

Iain loves to solve problems and drive growth, never being afraid of the size of the mountain ahead of him, only the shackles that hold him back.

Iain has led international operations with staff in multiple locations across five continents. He has a proven track record of working directly with customers and distributors, cultivating a true partnership to build long lasting alliances with relentless focus and passion on delivering value.


Nick Randell

Chief Technology Officer 

Nick is true technologist. He has been responsible for architecting ground breaking software in big data applications, handling petabytes of data in real time. No matter what the platform, no matter what the technology and no matter what the challenge Nick's technical know-how and sharp mind can solve it.

Most recently VP of Innovation at Arieso Nick has created new products from the ground up and been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile space for the last 10 years.

Shirin Dehghan


Shirin is a fearless entrepreneur and a tenacious leader. Never one to meekly give in she drives those around her to new heights and achievements.

Formerly, as CEO of Arieso, Shirin started on her own with a vision - she won the first customers and grew the business to be a worldwide powerhouse in its market, leading to a successful exit.

James Thomas

VP of Product, Sales & Marketing

James has a penchant for future vision, strategy and customer product engagement which is envied among his peers.  Most recently working with Microsoft, James brings 17 years experience working in the mobile communications industry and with that a substantial knowledge in advanced concept creation, experience innovation, prototyping, product creation, product development, brand strategy, strategy & portfolio planning, vision communication, sales, business development and marketing (EMEA, US).