About Sceneskope

Iain, Nick and James have a rich background working in mobile technology, and, back in 2014 they realised that there is very rich human behavioural information that could be unleashed from every smartphone interaction, every scroll, swipe, movement and click. These behaviours providing new insights into consumer habits, tendencies, emotions, aspirations and desires.


They wanted to use this new understanding to make digital experiences far more personal and tuned to individuals and to move digital communications away from spam marketing and into something that was authentic and enhanced the relationship between the consumer and the brands they love. And SceneSkope was born.


SceneSkope isn’t about collecting data, SceneSkope is about understanding our digital body language and reacting to it in the same way we instinctively react to physical body language everyday. We manage an ongoing conversation between the consumer and the brand based on all of the non-verbal signals that we uniquely understand and we bring the consumer and brand closer together with personalised and relevant experiences. All of this while providing the brand new insights about their products and customers.


Our goal is to provide the richest interactions, exciting, informing and educating in all the moments when we as consumers are most willing to engage.